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Though Japan is infamous (and rightly so) for its weird and bizarre soft drinks, China is quickly narrowing the gag gap with its own unique canned & bottled horrors. These ten terrifying tipples may not be available in your local supermarket. 29 May Do you guys remember the good old days, when a Coca-Cola was just a Coca- Cola? When people who drank Pepsi, Coke and other soft drinks knew and accepted that they were just bottles of carbonated sugar water, and everyone was totally okay with it? That magic era when, if a person decided they. 7 Sep On a recent visit to the excellent Japanese grocery store Mitsuwa, we picked out a number of these soft drinks to sample in an effort to discover the finest in imported Japanese sugar water. After a long and arduous study, we can reveal to you with confidence our favorite 5 Awesomely Weird Japanese Soft.

: Weird soft

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