Taboo urine

taboo urine

Urine Play (Golden Showers, Watersports). Urine play is sexual play involving urine (pee). The Appeal: The Wetness: Those engaging in urine play may become aroused by the high levels of wetness that urinating provides. The Taboo : As urine is not culturally valued, those that engage in play with urine may find they. 1 Aug The most common cause of incontinence among women is stress incontinence, where you lose urine when the pressure inside your abdomen goes up, because your pelvic floor isn't strong enough to keep the bladder opening closed. Coughing, laughing, sneezing, running or even having sex can cause. 21 Aug TLC's My Strange Addiction. Season 3, Episode 8 compacted into an "all you need to know" format. Episode #28 in the series. Subscribe for more!.


China Urine Therapy: Man drinks own wee everyday claiming it cures tumor,broken bone even baldness taboo urine

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